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Meet Our Owner

Hi! My name is Victoria and I am the owner and creator of Flow. Growing up, I was that girl stuck in bed, missing out on events and even calling out of work due to cramps. And when I wasn't miserable, I was reliant on pain medicines every 8 hours for 4/5 days. In 2019, I started to research a herb that my aunt once gave me to help my cycle. Once I started researching, I found so many different herbs and ways to change your cycle naturally. 

I have spent that last 1yr 1/2 perfecting the "Eve's Curse" tea blend, testing on various different ages and cycles. This April, I received my certification from Cornell University's Medicinal Plants  Program. There we learned the historical and biochemical aspects of plant-based medicine. I'm hoping that with more education in the field, I can continue to create new innovative products for women.

My hope is to help as many people as I can find the pain relief that I have found with Flow. 

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