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Are you tired of HEAVY, painful periods?

Flow Tea's mission is to educate women about natural menstrual symptom relief. Our products are natural alternatives to traditional over-the-counter medication.

We've spent too much time planning around our periods. 

Drink the drink! Wear your favorite white jeans! Go out any time of the month! It's time for us to take back our lives.

Don't spend any more time in pain...Try Flow!


Herbal Science

Reduces Cramps
Lightens Heavy Cycles
PMS Symptoms

Herbs aren't just for taste, they can actually change the way your body works!

Click the link below to learn the herbal science behind Flow Tea and how it solves menstrual issues. 

I woke up feeling like my whole uterus was about to fall out lol but your tea seriously helps! Like I'm actually feeling great.

-Mikhala C, Baltimore MD

"I used to be a pill. popper. (Tylenol of course) I used them every day of my cycle. Now, I don't use any medicine AND I save money on tampons. It's wild."

-Taylor B, Dallas Tx

"Unfortunately, I suffer from irregular periods and Flow has helped a lot! I mean, I would skip months at a time and it really helped regulate my period. Plus, it's tasty!"

-Dawn M, Atlanta GA

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